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Complaint Please note that one of your operators hung up on me three times and when I asked for a supervisor she blatantly answered, “No” and hung up. This is a very inappropriate way to conduct business especially since my boss and many others of Aramark utilize your taxi services while conducting business in Philadelphia. She would not provide me a name as well. You had a wonderful and friendly operator named Maria who finally picked up the phone and was very helpful in assisting me with obtaining a lost receipt and she should be commended for that. I appreciate you following up with this matter, and I hope that either myself or others will have to experience such unprofessional behavior from your operators. Thank you. Aguilar, Delilah
Dear Sir or Madam, At about 5:05pm today (Friday, July 20th, 2012), I got into an All-City Taxi on Market Street near 13th. I had been shopping in the area and needed to hail a taxi, so I thought that going to the sidewalk near the Marriott would be a good place to hail one. Sure enough, an All-City Taxi came by after just a few moments, I hailed him and got in, instructing the driver to go to 36th and Spruce. The driver was male, 25 to 35 years old, with dark hair and a thin build. Possibly Latino from the language he was speaking on the phone to someone, but I'm not sure. Unfortunately, I forgot to get his P number, but I did notice that his PPA Photo ID was turned backwards, so it was not visible from the passenger area. When we reached the destination (or actually, 34th and Spruce, since traffic on Spruce was bad and the driver and I agreed that it would be faster to walk the short block to my destination), I said that I wanted to pay by credit card. The driver said that his system was down, and that ALL of the systems were down in All City Taxis this afternoon. The meter read about $10, but I told him I didn't have cash. He insisted that he couldn't take a credit card, and pointed out that his screen said, "Temporary Login". Not my problem. I gave him the $6 cash that I had and got out. I thought that taxis were not allowed to operate unless the credit card system was working. Or am I misinterpreting the information shown at ? I'm sorry for not getting the cab's P-number, but I was in a rush to meet someone and wasn't thinking of it. Can I expect to use a credit card when I get into a taxi, or should I ask each time? Sincerely, Elizabeth Scheyder -- Elizabeth C. Scheyder, Ph.D., P.E.
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